Avast Antivirus Helpline


Avast is known as an Antivirus softwrae world wide . It has users from all over the Globe . It works as a Virus removal or Internet security software tool on your device. Now Avast Antivirus have millions of users.

This Antivirus Software will block all types of Viruses, Malware, spyware and Trojans on your Web-Browser. And gives you Firewall Protection and inhanced browser security. It has six layers of security. which will gives you a complete security package at a low price. It have one more advance feature And that is Email protection. This protection will block spamers or Spam emails on your device. And remove them automatically. As a heigh demand of online security Avast Antivirus user increasing day to day.

Minimum device requirement needs to work Avast Antivirus

  • Working Operating System(Windows/MAC Os)
  • Minimum 500MB Ram
  • Minimum 2GB disk Space
  • Active Internet Service for Update/Download
  • Screen Resolution 800×600 Pixel.

How to Install Avast

There are mainly two ways to install Avast Antivirus.First is offline by useing CD or Pendrive having Setup file
and Second process is download setup file directly from internet.

Steps to install Avast Antivirus

*Download setup file or insert Disk in DVD/CD drive
*Run setup file and Allow it make changes to your device
*Put a valid License key to activate a full version.
*After Installation run it to scan your device
*After scanning on Avast dashboard you will get sheild on or off.
*Turn the sheild option On

After installation your device is fully protected and secure.After installation if you are getting any problem
with your software you can Call Antivirus helpline phone number 247@1-888-477-5380.