Antivirus support Helpline

Antivirus is nothing but it is just like a lock. In other word we can say that its your device security. When you are having a working antivirus on your device with a paid license key .Then it is automatically block viruses, Trojans ,spywares and Malwares on your device.Or for instant Support for your Device security Call Antivirus Helpline Number at +1 888-477-5380. As well as It is also known as Antivirus Customer support Phone Number.

How Antivirus Work

There are Basicaly two types of Antivirus

1.Automatic aur self script Antivirus

In this type of Antivirus Auto scanning, and Auto Removal function is Avilable so once it install no need to worrey about Treats aur Trojans.

2.manual script Antivirus

In this type of Antivirus System will detect infection but time by time you have to delete it manually.

There are verity of Antivirus present in the market like